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IDrive is a minimal UI application for backing up your personal or work computers. Users can manage and monitor their computer backups using a web interface. Dashboard is a centralized web console that serves as a single point for remote control of your computers. Once the thin client is configured on your computers, you can perform the following operations through the Dashboard:

  • Take immediate backups or schedule backup jobs, restore data and more.
  • Modify backup sets or settings and propagate changes to all devices.
  • Remote update to the latest version of the application on any computer.
  • Create policies with required settings and distribute them.
  • Control and track the status of your backup activities.

Your files and folders will be synced in real time across all devices you link using the IDrive client. Synchronized storage does not affect your backup storage and is within your backup storage limit. Fast data backup and recovery in less than a week with bandwidth-free physical storage delivery. Back up the entire drive, including the operating system, settings, programs, files, and folders, with content and data structure intact.

Web console helps manage data backup, restore, settings

Access to files copied from PC and Mac or synced from connected devices; Protect your mobile data with apps for iOS and Android. Find and restore files from the desktop app or through any browser; the ability to recover files deleted from the recycle bin within 30 days. Manage data backups from all your remote computers with reliable reporting tools that respond in near real time. Create new user accounts in your vault and more.

Configuration and login
Download and install the Thin Client application on your Windows or Mac computer. Manage your backups by logging in to your account from the web interface.

list of computers
All computers connected to your account are displayed under the “Computers” tab in the web interface.

Backup and restore
Back up your computer data to your online IDrive Desktop account. Instant recovery of files/folders from your account to your computer. Use snapshots to perform point-in-time restores with a historical view of your backup data.

You can configure settings and send changes to all connected computers in the Settings tab.



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