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TeXstudio is an integrated writing environment for creating LaTeX documents. Therefore, TeXstudio has many features such as syntax highlighting, a built-in viewer, link checking, and various helpers. TeXstudio is open source and available for all major operating systems. TeXstudio was split from Texmaker in 2009 due to Texmaker’s non-open development process and due to different philosophies regarding configurability and features.

Convenient editing

Edit multiple positions at the same time. Vertical blocks can even be copied and pasted.

It suggests possible LaTeX commands as you type. There is a tooltip to help explain the command.

More than 1000 mathematical symbols
Quick access to more than 1000 mathematical symbols.

link overlay
Filenames, links, and quotes turn into links when you hover and hold your mouse over them.

Use bookmarks to save links to important places in the text and quickly navigate through them.

Image drag and drop support
When you drag an image into the editor, the image wizard opens. From there, it’s just one more click to get the code to include the image.

features and characteristics

  • IWE – Integrated Writing Environment
  • All LaTeX tools can be called from TeX studio with a single keystroke, and you can add your own command line options (eg for forward/reverse search).
  • LaTeX tags and 1102 math symbols that you can easily select and add to your text
  • Wizards that generate the necessary code (such as documents, tabular/array environments, and BibTex types)
  • LaTeX errors are displayed in the log panel and are highlighted in the text file.
  • BibTeX will be called automatically if bib files are modified.
  • LaTeX documentation where you can find tags you don’t know
  • Customizable menus, toolbars and environments




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